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Brand Styling focuses on logo design, brand identity, colour palette, typography & brand photography. Creating a visual identity to communicate your message authentically.


Working with Highland business owners to build brands that last... 

Brand Styling is the act of creating a strong, visual identity that amplifies your brand strategy, creating connection at every touchpoint.

Branding is so much more than just a logo design. Branding is a feeling created within the mind of your customers when exposed to your branding. 

Bespoke logo design and consistently branded content helps create connection and communicate your message authentically to your audience.    

Benefits of Brand Styling...

  • ​Brand Toolkit with logo variations, logo usage, colour breakdown & typography. 

  • Strong logo & brand to carry forward in all future communications & content creation.  

  • Full logo library for use with all future branded promotions & advertising

  • Stand out from competitors with a bright, bold,
    eye-catching and relevant brand identity. 

  • Digital content with brand strategy & styling for easy messaging & content creation.  

  • Consistent brand linked to all touchpoints, creating trust & boosting the brand. 

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What I Do For You...

I work to create a Brand Style Guide for all my clients, which outlines the brand fundamentals, logo library & usage guidelines. Also, includes information such as brand colour palette and the relevant colour codes, typography, brand photography & more. Brand Styling includes:

  • Bespoke Logo Design

  • Full Logo Library

  • Brand Identity Development

  • Brand Colour Palette

  • Brand Typography 

  • Brand Assets & Backgrounds

  • Brand Photography



Package 01 /


Perfect for new business owners or those looking for a quick logo design. 


The basic branding fundamentals, with a focus on logo design, brand colour palette, typography & brand assets. 

What's Included...

Bespoke Logo Design & Brand Styling

Logo Library & Logo Variations

(JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG file types) 

Brand Colour Palette

Brand Typography

Basic Brand Guidelines

Digital Content

Profile Pictures & Headers, Logo Images.

Printed Media

100 Business Cards

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